Celeste Cruz, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family
Therapist Supervised by Molly Williams LMFT118279, AMFT127493

I specialize in working with children who may be struggling with anxiety and big life transitions.

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Individual Therapy for Children

  • Anxiety

Masters Degree from California Institute of Integral Studies


50 minute in person sessions online and in SF


San Francisco

My approach

I am a somatically trained therapist which means I am very much in the moment with what is happening for your child. I like to build rapport through movement and curiosity about what their needs are from their perspective. Coupled with the perspective of their care taker, I focus on building coping and regulating tools that can serve them at this time and for the rest of their lives.

Why I love this work
I love being present for kids as they discover new parts of themselves that boost their understanding of their worth.
What I want for you

What I want for you, the care taker, is to feel confident your child being valued for their unique perspective. That they are with someone that will respect them and encourage them in their own growth.

My specialties, background, and personal interests

Im a somatically trained therapist, a yogi for nearly 20 years and a mom.

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