One Session at a Time

A Convenient Approach to Therapy

A Personal Approach

One Session Therapy (OST) is a drop in clinic for therapy.You come in for a single session without any commitment to continue. OST doesn’t dwell on the roots of an issue, but rather focuses on what is most valuable to you right now.

The approach capitalizes on your innate ability to help yourself. It provides insights to strengthen your existing capabilities, restore autonomy and confidence, and offer immediate solutions and actionable steps for you to implement. We have a team of skilled counselors and psychologists who specialize in OST.

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Who Can Benefit from One Session at a Time?

OST is especially suitable for individuals who have reservations about traditional or extended therapy, but could benefit from a non-biased, third-party perspective. One Session Therapy addresses decision-making, life transitions, relationship challenges, break-ups, and similar issues.

OST can be particularly beneficial for those who have reservations about traditional or extensive forms of psychotherapy. Some may simply want to share ideas with an unbiased third-party or discuss a challenging life situation with a non-judgmental professional. For some individuals, one session is all they need. 

At the same time, OST is not recommended for chronic mental health problems, extensive self-exploration, or persistent and habitual issues. It is not intended as a substitute for ongoing therapy but rather as a practical resource for immediate support.

With One Session at a Time, we aim to provide a convenient and effective therapy option that respects your unique needs and preferences.

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Video & Phone Sessions

Video and phone sessions are a convenient solution for people who can’t find a specialist in their area or would rather not drive across town to an appointment. Research has proven that remote and in-person sessions are equally effective.

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