Couples Counseling


Is Your Relationship Going Downhill?

Does your relationship give you more frustration than fulfillment?

Are you tired of arguing?

When you’re stuck in conflict with your partner, it can be distressing, exhausting, isolating.

Perhaps you’re in the midst of infidelity.
Or you’ve drifted apart and you’re considering ending the relationship.
Or maybe one of you struggles with anxiety, depression, or ADHD—and it’s stretched things to the breaking point.

No matter the source of your relationship anxiety, we understand how you feel. And we can help.

The Right Therapist Can Help Save Your Relationship

  • Our therapists don’t take sides
  • We’re non-judgmental
  • Online sessions are convenient for the busiest schedules
  • We use truly effective science-based approaches
  • We have decades of experience helping all kinds of couples
  • We’ve successfully worked with most types of relationship difficulties

Eager to Improve Your Relationship?

We specialize in helping couples resolve a myriad of relationship obstacles including:

  • Communication Problems
  • Intimacy & Sexuality Issues
  • Constant Bickering & Fighting
  • Infidelity & Affairs
  • Selfishness
  • Lack of Forgiveness
  • Emotional Betrayals
  • Handling Stress
  • Low or No Sexual Desire
  • Negotiating Boundaries
  • Dependency on Electronic Devices
  • Coping With Changing Expectations
  • Navigating Divorce or Breakup
  • In-law Conflicts
  • Parenting Style Disputes
  • Developing & Maintaining Empathy
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Are You Unsatisfied with your Sex Life?

Do you have trouble identifying and communicating what you want?

Could you use some guidance around identifying what is going wrong?

Do you want to feel more confident in your intimate relationships?

Sex therapy can help.

Sexual intimacy is a key component of emotional health. Unfortunately, we weren’t born knowing how to have great sex—and in our culture, it can be hard to honestly sort out what we want. Sex therapy can help you open up, get comfortable, and let go.

We Also Help Singles

Are you frustrated with dating?

Do you have difficulty finding suitable partners? Do you find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns?

If you’re single, we can help.

Some of the more common problems faced by single people include:

  • Overcoming social anxiety in dating situations
  • Navigating uncommitted relationships
  • Choosing partners
  • Staying connected to others

We're Easy To Talk To

We specialize in resolving a myriad of sexual obstacles and have helped many people work through layers of shame, insecurity, or anxiety in the bedroom. With that in mind, we’re sensitive to how difficult it can be to talk to someone about your sex life. Unlike what you might hear from your friends, magazines, or books—our guidance is empathic, personalized, and science-based. This means you’ll get personalized solutions and support from a caring, easy-to-talk-to a professional who is skilled in the psychology and science of what really works.

A few issues we’ve helped current and past clients fix:

  • Inability to orgasm
  • Mismatched sexual desires
  • Open and poly relationships
  • Compulsive sexual activity or porn use
  • Male and female performance issues
  • Change in sex drive after baby or miscarriage
  • Negotiating boundaries and sexual activity with partners
  • Sexuality and disability
  • Past traumatic experience
  • Body image issues
  • Partner is ill, but still desire intimate chemistry
  • Sexual identity concerns
  • Intimacy issues
  • Asexuality
  • Cybersexuality
  • Gender identity issues


Video & Phone Sessions

Video and phone sessions are a convenient solution for people who can’t find a specialist in their area or would rather not drive across town to an appointment. Research has proven that remote and in-person sessions are equally effective.

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