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Hello, fellow therapists!

Are you looking to work someplace that combines the autonomy of private practice with the warmth of a close-knit community?

Do you value personal connections over the impersonal nature of ‘Big Box Therapy’?

If so, we invite you to join our team at the SF Stress and Anxiety Center.

About Us:

  • Clinician-Founded and Clinician-Run. This means that we understand clinical practice from the inside out. We value privacy, ethics, and quality of life in the workplace.
  • Long-Term Orientation. We are not a high growth company. We are not trying to scale at all costs. We are selective about whom we work with. We are committed to operating in a sustainable way, and to building long term relationships with clinicians and our community.
  • More Than a Practice: For over 12 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing exceptional in-person therapy.
  • A Community That Cares: We’re not about corporate vibes. We’re a small, compassionate community where everyone knows your name, and clients are valued as individuals.

Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

  • Private Practice Vibes Without the Stress. We take care of marketing, billing, scheduling, and other time consuming aspects of clinical practice.
  • Flexibility & Autonomy: Enjoy the freedom to see clients on your schedule, with remarkably little paperwork.
  • Your Voice Matters: We listen to and value your experience, ensuring that you’re an integral part of our practice’s evolution.
  • A Supportive Team Environment: Collaborate with great colleagues who are just as passionate about mental health as you are.
  • Diverse and Motivated Clients: Engage with a wide range of clients who are as committed to their growth as we are to ours.
  • Training and Supervision Opportunities: We believe in growing and developing our skills. So, we offer an associate training program, as well as CEU credits offerings.
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits: We recognize your value with rewards that reflect your contribution to our community.

If you’re excited about shaping the future of in-person therapy in San Francisco, where every team member and client is valued, we’d love to hear from you. Come join us in building something truly meaningful.

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Video & Phone Sessions

Video and phone sessions are a convenient solution for people who can’t find a specialist in their area or would rather not drive across town to an appointment. Research has proven that remote and in-person sessions are equally effective.

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