6 Reasons To Consider an Out Of Network Provider

If you are considering therapy, and you have health insurance coverage, it makes sense that you’d prefer to use that coverage.

But there are a few good reasons to consider an Out Of Network (OON) provider, like SFStress.

  1. Get a therapist who is the best fit for you. If you’re trying to find an in network provider, you may have to call several–even dozens–of therapists before you find one who can see you. This almost inevitably means settling for a therapist who is not the ideal fit for you. You wouldn’t choose a hair stylist, or an attorney, from some random list. So why would you choose a therapist that way? Opting for OON means you can choose your best provider.
  2. Freedom to get ALL the care you need. Insurance companies often restrict your frequency of care (one of them authorizes therapy visits only once a month). This means you’ll see results much more slowly–if at all. Good, effective care often requires a short, focused period of regular sessions. This can often only be done via OON care.
  3. Freedom from insurance company hassles. If you’ve ever had to deal with your insurance company, you can appreciate how difficult it can be. Robotic phone menus, long wait times, no clear point of contact or accountability. It can be time consuming and frustrating, and sometimes impossible, to get your care authorized and reimbursed.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality. Insurance companies frequently subject providers to clinical reviews, in which they access all your clinical records. So if you discuss a sensitive topic in therapy, someone at the insurance company could be reading your therapist’s notes about it.
  5. Insurance companies require your therapist to assign you a clinical diagnosis, which is then communicated to them and held in their records. This can impact things such as life insurance premiums, even many years later.
  6. It may be your only option. The sad fact is that many insurance companies don’t have nearly enough therapists to serve their members’ needs. Or, they maintain “ghost networks” of inaccessible providers. They sell coverage based on the expectation–and the legal requirement–that they provide adequate care. But despite class action lawsuits, and action at the state and local levels, many insurance companies continue to keep their networks too small. So while, technically, you may have coverage, you practically may not.

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“You guys were great. You have such a wide range of professionals with different specialties; it was easy to get the help I needed.”

Samuel L.

“Happy with my experience. My therapist is easy to reach, she responds quickly and finds time to talk to me while having a busy schedule.”

Ganna K.

“Senya is a very patient and nurturing therapist. I felt comfortable working with him, and hope to return as soon as possible.”

Scott K.

“It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. I appreciated the consult before getting matched with Dr. Kelava, who facilitated important and useful conversations that I valued highly. Thank you!”

Tiffany N.

“I had a good experience with SF Stress and Anxiety Center. It helped me identify what sort of mental health problems were contributing to my anxiety and motivated me to find a professional who specialized in my specific condition.”

Matthew P.

“Senya asked insightful questions, was extremely empathetic and did a great job of reflecting what he was hearing, and was very impartial (couples counseling). We are truly looking forward to continuing our work with Senya.”

Nikita P.

“Great – Senya was amazing, so insightful and helpful. I’m so grateful to him for giving me the tools to manage my stress.”

Michael M.

“Cassie did a great job of trying to get to know me, and made it easy for me to open up in our first conversation.”

Anthony V.

“Dr. Lauren is wonderful. She’s helped me through a very difficult time in my life with great care.”

Sarah R.

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