Sky Fernandes | Stepping Into the CEO Mindset

J. Skyler “Sky” Fernandes is a Powerlist 100 Venture Capitalist and the Co-founder and General Partner of VU Venture Partners, a multi-stage venture capital fund focused on Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, and Property Tech. VU’s investment team has more than 35 years of VC experience and has invested more than $1.8 billion in 250+ companies, including Beyond Meat, Facebook, Uber, Venmo, Twitter, and more.

Sky is also the Co-founder and CEO of Venture University, the world’s leading investor accelerator for individuals breaking into venture capital, private equity, and angel investing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sky Fernandes talks about his transition from earning degrees in Physics and Foreign Policy to being a successful VC
  • The difference between “cutting edge” and “bleeding edge” businesses and markets
  • Sky shares “Decision Hack,” his trusted model for making important personal and professional decisions
  • Sky discusses the collaborative aspect of venture capital versus private equity
  • How Sky deals with the mental and emotional stress of managing multiple portfolio companies
  • The personality characteristics and interpersonal skills Sky looks for in team members and employees
  • Should CEOs and business leaders share their mental health struggles with their employees?
  • Sky discusses the future of the mental health industry
  • How work has changed for Sky and the companies he invests in during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this episode…

We all face work-related stress and anxiety. However, the appearance of these feelings can vary in different people, positions, and industries.

Here on Succeed Under Stress, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz often talks to CEOs and business leaders about the stress and anxiety they face in the day-to-day operations of their businesses. That’s what brought him to Sky Fernandes, a Powerlist 100 Venture Capitalist. Sky has valuable firsthand insights into the incredibly stressful role that investors and venture capitalists hold, as well as the unique challenges they currently face in 2020’s business climate.

In today’s episode of Succeed Under Stress, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz sits down with Sky Fernandes of VU Venture Partners to talk about stress and anxiety in the venture capital and private equity markets. Listen in as Sky discusses how to make difficult personal and professional decisions, how much CEOs should share with their employees, and how he manages stress and anxiety as a successful VC. Stay tuned!

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