Nicholas Whitaker | The Transformative Power of Mindfulness and Meditation

Nicholas Whitaker is a mindfulness and wellness advocate and the Strategic Partner Lead for News & Local Media at Google. For the past 10 years, Nicholas has leveraged the scale and resources of Google to support the journalism industry through impactful products, programs, and strategic partnerships. At Google, he also facilitates mental health talks, hosts experts in the mindfulness industry, and facilitates experiences to help teams better manage stress.

Before working at Google, Nicholas produced media for news, commercial, entertainment, and advocacy groups. He also taught video production and communication theory at various universities in New York City.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nicholas Whitaker reveals how his passion for mindfulness and mental wellness first began
  • The role imposter syndrome plays in high-achieving workplaces, such as Google
  • What is mindfulness, and how does it help ease stress and anxiety?
  • Nicholas talks about how daily mindfulness increased his compassion and patience
  • Why mindfulness is a lifestyle choice—not just another task that needs to be accomplished
  • How organizations can implement mindfulness strategies and mental health awareness conversations into their workdays
  • Nicholas discusses how COVID-19 is impacting mental wellness
  • Best practices for engaging with news and media without becoming overwhelmed and pessimistic
  • Nicholas shares some of his biggest influences and inspirations

In this episode…

Are you looking for daily habits that will ease your stress and anxiety? Do you want to change the way you interact with stress, but don’t quite know where to start? Then you don’t want to miss this episode of Succeed Under Stress!

Nicholas Whitaker first discovered mindfulness after stumbling into the Spirituality and Psychology section of a Books-A-Million. Since then, he has realized the power of regular meditation and mindfulness—especially as a high-achieving young professional working at Google. Today, Nicholas is on Succeed Under Stress to share his transformative tips about mindfulness and meditation with the world.

In this episode of Succeed Under Stress,  Dr. Jonathan Horowitz sits down with Nicholas Whitaker, the Strategic Partner Lead for News & Local Media at Google, to talk about mindfulness: an intentional, grounding practice that can radically transform your mental wellbeing. Listen in as Dr. Horowitz and Nicholas discuss the power of regular meditation, how to implement mindfulness on an organizational level, and the impact of imposter syndrome on high-achieving workplace environments.

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