Krag Klages | Developing Self-Love and Vulnerability as a Leader

Krag Klages is a marketing expert, wellness coach, and certified yoga instructor. He is the Senior Manager of Advanced Analytics and Optimization at Disney Parks & Resorts in Glendale, California. In addition to this, Krag is also the Founder of Love Starts With Love, his life coaching company.

Krag’s passion in life is to help people achieve their dreams while practicing self-love. His coaching company was founded on the belief that when you fully and unconditionally love yourself, all the other types of love in the world can be realized.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Krag Klages talks about starting his life coaching business, Love Starts With Love, after his divorce
  • How to foster vulnerable and genuine relationships in professional environments
  • Krag discusses the connection between vulnerability and confident humility—and why our workplaces need both
  • How to address mistakes, implement accountability, and create safe spaces as a leader
  • Krag’s journey toward accepting constructive criticism and handling difficult conversations
  • The key to practicing vulnerability (hint: it all starts with awareness!)
  • How to access Krag’s “Weekly Dose of Love” newsletter

In this episode…

Do you struggle with self-acceptance, self-love, or vulnerability? Are you tired of experiencing guilt, fear, and shame in your personal or professional life? If so, you aren’t alone—and today’s guest has some expert advice for you.

Krag Klages, the Founder of Love Starts With Love, knows quite a bit about developing self-love. As a wellness coach, Krag not only walks his own journey toward greater self-acceptance, but also helps others do the same. Today, Krag offers valuable wellness guidance while discussing his own struggles with vulnerability and self-love.

In this episode of Succeed Under Stress, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz sits down with Krag Klages, the Founder of Love Starts With Love, to discuss self-love, humility, and vulnerability—both at home and in the workplace. Listen in as Krag talks about why he started his life coaching company, his journey toward compassionate leadership, and how you can start practicing self-acceptance today. Stay tuned!

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