Kelly Caldwell | Addressing Stress and Trauma in a Float Tank

Kelly Caldwell is the owner of Drift Float & Spa, the first and only float and health spa in Greenville, South Carolina. Kelly has a personal passion for using floating as a therapeutic practice, seeing it as one of the most powerful, yet unknown, tools for healing, creativity, and physical recovery.

Before starting Drift Float & Spa, Kelly worked as a freelance designer and writer. She was also the owner of Breakthrough Creatives, LLC.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kelly Caldwell, owner of Drift Float & Spa, discusses the mental health benefits of using a float tank
  • How sensory deprivation works as extended meditation
  • Kelly explains how to prepare yourself for a float tank session
  • The very real ways that floating aids the healing process for PTSD and other anxiety disorders
  • How podcaster Joe Rogan inspired Kelly to start her floating apprenticeship
  • Has COVID-19 impacted the floating and spa industry?
  • Kelly talks about why athletes and people with fibromyalgia should try floating

In this episode…

Do you suffer from mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, or PTSD? Do you find that these disorders affect not only your mental state, but your physical comfort as well? The road to healing can often be complicated, but there may be one therapeutic tool that makes it a little clearer: float tanks.

When Kelly Caldwell, owner of Drift Float & Spa, tried her first float, she was suffering from PTSD. Just three sessions later, Kelly noticed a dramatic decrease in her symptoms, as well as a significant boost in her quality of life. This inspired her to start her own float center, and now she is proud to bring this relaxing healing therapy to the people of Greenville, South Carolina.

In this episode of Succeed Under Stress, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz chats with Kelly Caldwell of Drift Float & Spa about the healing and therapeutic powers of float tanks. Listen in as Kelly shares how floating is a highly-effective tool for raising consciousness, promoting meditation, and providing relief for a variety of mental and physical disorders.

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