John Fitch | How to Take Time Off—For Real

John Fitch is an entrepreneur, startup coach, and the co-author of Time Off, a refreshing book that enables readers to be their most successful and creative selves through intentional leisure and rest. John is also the Chief Product Officer at Voltage Control, a facilitation agency that helps companies work better together through customized meetings and workshops.

After working at software startups for years, John wholeheartedly believes that the future of work is all about creativity. Consequently, he spends both his professional and personal time playing, innovating, and designing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • John Fitch talks about the “rest ethic” concept that is featured in his book, Time Off
  • John discusses the potential for human growth and important thoughts during times of leisure
  • How visiting Greece during a personal crisis changed John’s life
  • The stress-relieving benefits of living in “kairos time” rather than “chronos time”
  • Why you should implement a “vacation” mindset into your daily life
  • Dr. Horowitz and John share their thoughts on the importance of play
  • Does quantity of input always guarantee quality of output?
  • Why rest is an essential part of the creative process
  • “Slow motion multitasking”: how giving yourself permission to take breaks increases both productivity and creativity
  • Dr. Horowitz answers John’s question, what message would you send to every cell phone on the planet?

In this episode…

Do you feel like work dominates your life? Is your rest time infrequent and unhelpful? What if there was a way to create high-quality work without pulling all-nighters or working weekends?

According to John Fitch, the co-author of Time Off, a large quantity of input does not always guarantee high-quality output. In fact, too much work often leaves us exhausted and high-strung, with only sub-par results to show for all of our effort. Instead, John suggests that the secret to productive and creative work is actually rest and leisure.

In this episode of Succeed Under Stress, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz sits down with entrepreneur and author John Fitch to discuss how a healthy rest ethic is the key to creativity and success. Listen today as John talks about implementing an ancient Greek concept of time, the importance of daily creativity, and why you should try slow motion multitasking.

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