How to Build Resilience in Organizations

Dr. Jonathan Horowitz is a clinical psychologist and the founder and CEO of San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center. He is also the host of the Succeed Under Stress podcast, which he created to help business leaders overcome stress and improve mental wellness, because happy companies are successful companies.

Dr. Horowitz’s core training is evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and he customizes and adapts these approaches to his client’s specific issues, personality, and style.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Jonathan Horowitz identifies a real-life example of uncertainty and resiliency in the workplace
  • How to build resilience at the organizational level
  • Why organizations should focus on process rather than outcome
  • How to build resilience at the individual level
  • Dr. Horowitz explains how social support impacts an individual’s resilience
  • Dr. Horowitz’s advice on reframing stress and anxiety in a healthy way
  • Where to learn more about Dr. Jonathan Horowitz and the San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center

In this episode…

When the world changes unexpectedly, as it has with the COVID-19 pandemic, it only makes sense that our personal and professional lives are likewise impacted. These setbacks and uncertainties can leave us feeling discouraged and unable to persevere.

Thankfully, Dr. Jonathan Horowitz, founder of the San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center, has cultivated some practical and effective strategies for building resilience, both at work and at home. He wants to help individuals deal with stress and anxiety in a healthy way, so that they can keep growing and persevering.

In this episode of Succeed Under Stress, John Corcoran of Rise25 joins Dr. Jonathan Horowitz to discuss change and uncertainty in the workplace, and how to build resilience on both a personal and organizational level. Dr. Horowitz explains how to create a thriving work environment, why social support is so important, and how to reframe your stress. You don’t want to miss a single moment of this engaging episode!

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San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center works with some of San Francisco’s largest and most successful companies, helping them to build happy and successful teams so that they can achieve their business goals. Since its foundation in 2012 by Dr. Jonathan Horowitz, San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center has been helping both companies and individuals to manage their stress, find balance, stay focused, and work well together.

They partner with companies to provide on site training, employee resource groups, and augmented health benefit plans for their clients. San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center has a line-up of highly-qualified psychologists and therapists who utilize evidence-based, proven methods of therapy, counseling, and coaching to aide their clients’ journeys toward relief from stress and anxiety.

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