Testimonials 17

“I had the pleasure of working with Jon Horowitz via Skype counseling. Jon was helpful , completely non-judgmental and flexible in his approach. I liked that Jon didn’t use labels and also takes the time to understand the client, their problems and their needs paying interest to the unique presentation (inner universe) of each client. I also appreciated that Jon practices evidence-based therapies. Whilst I am aware that reasonable constructive feedback is helpful for improvement , I genuinely have no critique or comments. It is also a relief knowing that the door is always open should I face any difficulties that need psychotherapeutic interventions in the future. My depression (dysthymia?) of 3 years duration has lifted and I look forward to my future and living a life based on my values. Thanks Jon for providing me this opportunity especially being in a geographical area that doesn’t have psychotherapy services. It was a genuine pleasure working with you!”